Westview Engineering is an EPCM, specializing in small projects and operational troubleshooting.

We have been in business for ten years, executing 750+ projects in our history. We can execute your project cost-effectively and with the right expertise, having an extensive library of different types of projects to draw upon.

Westview’s focus during every project is to create the most value for our client. We do this by first thoroughly scoping out each project and customizing the deliverables of each project to our client’s needs. Second, by maintaining a very high retention rate of our staff we can keep our project engineers dedicated to each client, such that: we reduce training, improve communication, and incorporate client preferences right from the start. Third, we focus on customer service and encourage all of our staff to respond to customer phone calls and emails within the same day.

We are staffed 75% Engineering, 25% Drafting and are registered to practice in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


“Earn the next project every time”

Our philosophy is simple, clients come to us and trust us with their work; we in turn will complete the project and earn the clients next project every time. This allows us to build strong relationships that foster growth in our clients company and our own company.

Westview Engineering was founded to create a company with a corporate culture that thrives on Western Canadian Entrepreneurial spirit. As a privately owned company, we personally care about the work this company produces and the founders reputation of the company.

We work closely with our clients up front to ensure we are starting on the “right” project. Each project has a different measure of success. This is typically a combination of cost, schedule, and capital cost risk. Some projects will be successful if they are on stream as fast as possible with extras in the field, while with others, cost certainly is the end goal.

Westview reviews each project and ensures that the scope, deliverables, procurement strategy and construction strategy all meet the intent of the project. Additional considerations are quality, operability, functionality, technology selection, environment and outside stakeholder concerns. Taking the larger picture view of the project objective and goals is how we intend to earn your next project.