Virtual Reality Models

Westview Engineering Ltd offers an interactive and user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) model of any facility. It is a to-scale, easy to navigate 3D environment that lets you walk through a lifelike model of your plant from anywhere. This VR walkthrough can be used for many applications, such as remotely viewing an existing plant; reviewing planned modifications to an existing plant; or designing a future plant. Creating a VR model with Westview Engineering allows you to improve efficiency and save money in many areas of your projects:


  • The user-friendly Virtual Reality environment enables anyone to navigate through the model after only two minutes of training.
  • In-depth model review that allows you to answer questions like:
    • Can I maintain this piece of equipment after construction?
    • Is this piece of equipment too close to the wall for operation, maintenance, or safety?
    • Am I going to be able to operate this after construction?
  • Answering these questions before construction reduces the cost and schedule impact of making modifications to a facility during construction.
  • Westview’s Virtual Reality equipment is mobile! It can be brought to the field so operations can review the design on their schedule, and after a short training exercise they can guide themselves through the 3D model without any assistance required.
  • Completing the model review enables you to effectively review the ergonomics of a space or processing facility before construction, so changes can be made in the most cost-effective time possible.


  • Constructability Reviews can be completed by walking through the 3D model and seeing how components will be constructed.
  • Interference Checks can be completed in the model, making sure that the equipment you want to install can actually make it to the spot it needs to be in for installation.
  • Cranes and Scaffolding can be inserted into the model to evaluate construction requirements and scoping.
  • Safety Reviews can be completed by reviewing what the actual layout will be once it is constructed. If necessary, changes can be made before construction starts, which is less expensive than making these changes after construction has been completed.


  • Using VR Design Reviews for scoping allows you to see your scope and determine the best scope for your facility. This leads to clearly defined scopes and improved pricing.
  • Scoping with VR also reduces field trips to sites, which saves on your project costs and allows more projects to be completed off-site.